Monday, October 21, 2013

dear gentleman

I want to thank you again for the five dollars, for my kids to get ice cream. But most of all, thank you for coming by our table and complementing me on how well behaved my kids are. It really means a lot. My kids are great kids, but there are days I wonder. I wonder if I'm doing enough. Are they going in the right direction? Yes, this was a simple comment, but to a parent, it is a boost of confidence. It can mean everything that day. I don't know if you have raised kids, but I like to think you have, and you understand the gratitude. You are a sweet man. Thank you!

(Three of our kids, Grammy Parker, and myself were having lunch in Eagle River. As we were eating, an elderly man come over on his way by and told me how well behaved my kids were. I smiled and thanked him. As he walked back by, he asked if they liked ice cream and handed me $5. I tried telling him it wasn't necessary, but he insisted. As he was leaving the boys went and thanked him again.)

We have been complemented several times, usually by an elder. I hope they know how much we appreciate it. And trust me, there are days I could hide under a table, but they are few and far between, thankfully!

My brag of the day....
I'll update about our summer soon, it's been awhile :)

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