Thursday, May 2, 2013


One of these days I might write an aspiring post about my many ambitions, inspiring dreams, deepest feelings (ok, that may never happen), and more of my life, I said, some day.

For now, you get pictures of little events in our life. Mostly pictures the kids. After all, they won't always be this little.

Kade's farm school group had a field trip to Fish Creek, in Big Lake. They were restoring the shore along a section of the creek using willows they harvested on a previous field trip. The kids took rebar and pounded it into the FROZEN ground to make the hole, then stuck a branch in and covered it back up. They might have had a larger number planted, if Alaska would wake up from winter! We'll visit the creek in a couple months and see how the willows are growing.

A couple beautiful swans kept us entertained.
Kade pounded many pieces of rebar, while standing in the creek. I think those boots were worth the investment, but chest waders next time.
Wyatt and his friend found fresh-water shrimp and a few other water species.
Oliver and Amelia spun circles that would make me lose my lunch.

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