Tuesday, May 14, 2013


As my youthful years are slowly falling behind, I am reminded what I enjoyed about my youth and the memories now, that remind me of those days. I find myself looking for them again, I never thought I would.

I have so many memories of my summers spent in Nebraska, on the farm.

Large fields, barns and their lofts full of hay, silos, tractors, animals and even the muck that came with them, barn cats, the good/not-so-good smells, chasing piglets into trailers to move locations, making sure the bull was not in the barn (we wanted to go up in the loft), chickens running out of the coop with no heads, making memories with cousins, and the list goes on.

While I LOVED those summers, I never saw myself as a 'farm girl', no way, no how! My sister is the animal lover, not me. Jump ahead 25 years...

I have farm animals, I have hay, I chase pigs, I muck the muck, smell the smells, I want to add more animals and started plans to build a barn...with a loft. When I say 'I', I do mean 'we'. I never imagined being here, but I wouldn't change a thing. I also live in an area that has its own farm charm. When I was younger, I took it all for granted. It was around every day, I realize now I didn't really notice these things...or maybe I just didn't care.
Palmer, Alaska


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