Tuesday, May 21, 2013

small farm

The sun is shining and actually producing heat! We have a lot to do around here, like most summers, and very little time. 

relocate the pig pen (we have two new pigs)
clear space for a barn, turn-around, new garden/chicken area
haul in tons of gravel
build the barn/greenhouse
set-up new garden area (raised beds and fencing)
move chicken coop 
move goat shelter to field
level out far left field
fence the field
paint chicken coop and goat shelter

and this list is just for the animals and garden/greenhouse

We have been making do with the set-up we have, but a good portion of our garage is being used, hay is only stored on a pallet with a tarp covering, current greenhouse doesn't allow early growing and we need a garden.

We are excited to have a more functional system!

I have finally motivated myself (via another Alaskan blogger) to try mixing our own chicken feed. We try to avoid GMO foods in our own diet; so it doesn't help to feed the chickens crap (it could be worse) then turn around and eat the eggs they produce.

Here's my plan:
whole wheat berries (Azure) - 20lbs
    whole or crimped barley (local) - 10lbs
whole oats (local) - 10lbs
flax seed (Azure) - 3-4 lbs
alaskan fish meal (local) - 4-5 lbs
kelp meal 2-3 lbs
salt - 1lb
BOSS - 5lbs
Fir Meadows herbal vitamin supplements
oyster shells
*additional add-ins when I feel like it, or more in the winter:
whole peas, split peas, hay pellets, any extra pantry grains I may have

Mix it in a big tote

I would like to sprout the grains often, but I may save that for the long winter months.

I figured the cost of our own mix will be about $0.10-0.20/lb higher than the AK Mill feed we've been using, but hopefully well worth it. 

Adding to all this is my newest endeavor in the kitchen: milling and soaking grains for bread. More on this later :) 

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